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Pine Hollow 2020 Premium Spring PGA Junior League Boot Camp Golf League

 The Premium Pine Hollow Spring Boot Camp includes everything in the Basic Registration but includes three private lessons at a discounted rate of $75.00.  Private lessons I like to schedule them even before the season starts to get on the books.  In past seasons we find sometimes hard to get all the lessons in without scheduling ASAP.  If you have lessons left from last season please call to schedule those as well. 

Pine Hollow Spring PGA Junior League Golf Boot Camp
is a program that mirrors our upcoming 2020PGA Junior League Golf Program. The February 25 thru April 19, 2020 program offered by Pine Hollow , however, is not a travel league all matches are played at Pine Hollow.  The spring boot camp league does not require jerseys. The team league is an affordable program to better socialize the game of golf for juniors, 16-and under, by creating a "little league baseball" approach to golf. The two person scramble format allows youngsters to be part of a team in a structured league setting… but without the pressure of individual medal play competition. Teammates can draw upon each other’s strengths and the winning match is not contingent upon one player. The format is becoming the preference of choice among upcoming junior golfers. This program is targeted towards beginners and intermediate golfers male and female who are interested in getting into golf. Teams will compete with a (2 vs. 2) scramble format. Coaches will determine a line-up prior to play. The nine holes are broken down into 3 segments called flags. Teams earn a flag if they win more holes than their opponent in the 3 hole match. After a flag is won, coaches can begin to substitute players.

The Pine Hollow Spring Junior League is a great grassroots initiative for growing the game of golf. Juniors are offered the opportunity to learn and grow their golf game with their friends, and compete in matches that promote positive social sport experiences with everyone playing a key role on the team!

Age Requirements

Must be 7 years of age by February  25, 2020 and must be still be 17 years of age by April  1, 2020
The junior league is available to both male and female participates ages 7-16 years of age.

Cost $115.00 includes golf fees for league, PGA Instruction during practices, range balls during practices, temporary junior membership during  during league season.

Time commitment.

The league will be comprised 5 practices sessions and 5 league matches including a beginning scrimmage match. Practices  will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings 5pm-6:15pm. Practices will general last about 1 hour 15 minutes. League Matches will take place on Sunday's at 3pm and take about 2 ½ hours to complete. Scheduled vacations are not a problem with the 12 person teams we need only 8 players minimum to have a match. click spring schedule to get schedule.

Each league team will consist of 12-15 kids with four-five (2 person scramble or superball teams) against another league team with same four-five (2 person scramble or superball teams in a Ryder Cup style for points awarded after a 3 hole match or flag. After 3 holes subs are able to be put into the line up to start another 3 hole match. The entire league will consist of a 9 hole match from a set of tees under 2800 yards for the 9 holes. There will be 12 points up for grabs.