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 PGA Jr Golf League



PGA Jr League Fall 2023 Weekly Pairings info

Sunday, September 17, 2023 Pairings

Please arrive  at least 10 minutes before your tee time.  Range balls will be available by 3pm on range for warmup.   Spectator golf cars are rented in golf shop for $12.00

Spectator golf cars are issued to parents just before the tee time.  Below is the informational sheet about which tee boxs players play by age. 

Jersey Color for those that have them.  You can pick your choice for Sunday Orange or Blue or no jersey.


Jersey Kits for Fall Registration are not here yet.   They will be available for the next match Sunday, October 1.   When they arrive I will contact everyone to pick up the golf shop.

Folks who already have jerseys purchased either in Spring or Summer.


3:30 PM
Ryker Wicker
Phillip Stewart
Braxton Andrews
Alex Cavalla
3:40 PM
Joshua Drowzda
Maddox Baxter
Troy Denning
Kayden Shirley
3:50 PM
Lane Ford
Pearce Ford
Grady Hatch
Nicholas Massey
4:00 PM
Barrett Long
Griffin Kennedy
Camden Ford
Carter Bagley
4:10 PM
J. T. Stevenson
Julian Sabo
Brooklyn Petty
Ella Markley
4:20 PM
Marley Wenzel
Yates Wenzel
George Brock
Teagan Tutterow
4:30 PM
Christian Price
Ian Wilcox
Evan Oneil
Thomas Moran
4:40 PM
Reagan Stelmach
Stella Horton
Amelia Buchanan
Wyatt McLawhorn
4:50 PM
Seth Hyman
Shailen Mehta
James Neil
Seth Turner
5:00 PM
Wade Strickler
Will Roach
Gabriel Garcia

PGA Junior League Rules 13U/17U

Format:  2-person superball match play

Players are encouraged to walk the holes. Subs may have their bags on golf cars and are encouraged to walk hole with teammates.   They can ride from green to next tee box.

All spectator golf cars are rented from Club.  Rental Fee: $12.00

 Spectator Golf Cars please remain on or near the golf cart paths on each hole.    General playing rules.


Tees:  Boys:  15- 17 years of age Yellow Tees.

Tees: Girls 14 and above and Boys 14 years of age: Red Tees


Tees: Boys 12-13 Red Tees

          Girls 13 and below and Boys 11 and below forward yellow disc (located in fairways)

 Players may move the ball within one club length no closer to hole and position can be improved from rough to fairway, fairway to fringe but never from fringe to green or out of a bunker.    Ball may be played within one club length if playable in penalty area but cannot improve position out of penalty area.

If both balls are unplayable in penalty area players must take relief with penalty shot.  Hole # 5 fringe area behind green.  Hole # 6 start of fairway on green side of lake.  Add one penalty shot.

Out of bounds balls are treated like penalty area with two club length relief as last point crossed with one shot penalty.

Triple bogey max rule is in effect.

Pace of play (be ready to hit when your turn.)

Match Play: Opponent gives putts.

Partner may still putt to try to make the previous putt.